Seaside Gardening Tips
By Seaside Garden Centre, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Gardening tips and hands-on advice for gardeners in coastal areas.

Everybody living in a coastal area knows that gardening near the sea is different!

Seaside gardening certainly has its challenges but you just can't beat the unique and beautiful setting a coastal landscape gives to a seaside garden.

On top of that, the mild coastal climate allows you to cultivate exotic looking plants from around the world that you could not grow in colder inland areas.

First of all, the plants you choose for your garden have to be able to cope with the rough coastal climate.

Good seaside plants have to cope with

  • wind
  • salt spray and
  • sand.

A lot of gardeners have learned the hard way that the right choice of plants is critical.

As a garden center owner for over 12 years I have virtually seen all the mistakes that people can make. At Seaside Garden Centre we specialize in seaside plants and gardens.

Seaside Garden Centre, Caherciveen, Co. Kerry

And let me tell you: it is possible to have a colorful and attractive garden near the sea! It is simply a matter of picking the right plant for the right spot.

Seaside Gardening is here to help you with the challenge of coastal gardening. This website will also offer you great gardening tips and techniques for all gardens ....after all gardening problems like weeds or slugs and snails are the same wherever you go!

I would like to invite you to explore, experiment and be creative. Gardens are a constant evolution...they are like life: always changing, never complete and things never happen as expected!

Always enjoy gardening!


'Gardening is an art that uses flowers and plants a s paint, and the soil and sky as canvas.'
Elizabeth Murray

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