Armeria Maritima

The Sea Pink - A Great Seaside Plant

Armeria Maritima is a fantastic rock garden plant. The sea pink is one of the best seaside plants and cheers any rock garden up with its pretty pink flowers. Learn how to grow Armeria and about the different varieties of Sea Thrift.

Do you need a rock garden plant for an exposed seaside garden? Sea Thrift is the perfect little plant if you are looking for one that is able to survive on top of cliff with salty waves literally washing over it. These tough plants grow wild all over the rocky cliffs of the Irish coast.

The Sea Pink is of course a great plant for any rock or alpine garden and they are also suitable for alpine troughs and containers.The plant forms a grassy cushion that will cover edges and cracks between the stones. The pink button-like flowers emerge from May till July.

Photo: benoit_d

Best Growing Condition For Sea Pinks

Sea Thrift likes a well drained soil in full sun. They tolerate sandy and poor soils. You can plant them into dry stone walls, rockeries and alpine gardens or in between paving slabs. The Sea Pink grows easily in coastal conditions and has no problems in surviving salty winds.

How To Propagate Armeria Maritima

The sea pink can be propagated from seed or by division. The cultivated forms have to be propagated by division or they will not keep their true colors. This is best done in late summer. Carefully lift the plant up and divide it with a knife into several pieces. Make sure that they all have a sufficient amount of roots. Replant them in a suitable spot and water them in well.

Armeria Varieties

Armeria m. 'Splendens' with deep pink flowers.

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Photo:Niall McAuley

Armeria m. 'Alba' - Sea Thrift variety with pure white flowers.

This plant is available in our online shop!

Photo: Jo Peattie

A. alpina - Mountain Thrift

Photo: Matthieu LIENHART

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