Seaside Garden Shrubs

Evergreen, Deciduous and Flowering Bushes For Coastal Gardens

Choose garden shrubs that are suitable for your garden. Evergreen, deciduous and flowering bushes for seaside gardens and all other gardens. A flowering shrub adds splash of color to a shrub border. Dwarf shrubs are suitable for borders and flower beds.

Spring Flowering Shrubs

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Garden shrubs and bushes are one of the most important elements in a garden. These plants form the structure and outline of every garden.

Evergreen shrubs and in particular shrubs with attractive foliage keep the color and interest during the seasons. Flowering bushes add a splash of color when they are in bloom and are great highlight.

Flowering Hedges are great for dividing and defining areas in your garden!

You have the choice between evergreen and deciduous shrubs, variegated or golden foliage bushes, flowering shrubs or shrubs with berries from all over the world.There are thousands of different shrubs a gardener can choose from.

Not all types of shrubs however are suitable for coastal climates and conditions. A lot of garden shrubs though are able to grow in seaside gardens once they are provided with a little bit of shelter from other hardy shrubs, hedges or walls.

Different types of shrubs in a mixed border

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Important Factors For Choosing Shrubs

Before choosing a shrub you should do your homework. Analyse and decide what you want for the spot where you are going to plant the shrub.

Ask yourself some questions:

  • How much room is there and how big can the bush grow?
  • How high do you want the bush to grow? Will the shrub block your view if it grows too high? Or will it shade some areas or the house too much? In a small shrub border a dwarf shrub might be more suitable.
  • Do you want an evergreen bush or a deciduous one? If you are looking for privacy or shelter from wind an evergreen plant might be the better choice.
  • How important is the ornamental value of the shrub for this location? Do you want flowers, colored foliage or winter color?
  • Is the spot sunny or shaded? What is the soil like? Is the drainage good or is the ground moist?
  • In seaside and windy gardens you have to ask yourself whether there is shelter from wind. Exposed places will only be tolerated by good seaside shrubs.

10 Dwarf Flowering Shrubs For Seaside Gardens

Looking for some small flowering shrubs? Check out these colorful shrubs for your garden. They all grow easily if given the correct location.

10 Dwarf Evergreen Shrubs For Coastal Gardens

These small evergreen shrubs are a great addition to any garden and will give your garden all year round color.

10 Evergreen Flowering Shrubs

These flowering evergreen shrubs add color to your garden. This list will help you choose flowering shrubs for your garden.

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