A List Of Flowering Trees

Suitable Types Of Flowering Trees For Seaside Gardens

A List Of Flowering Trees for seaside gardening. These ornamental flowering trees will add color and interest to your garden. Some of these spring flowering trees are great for wildlife too!

Flowering Cherry Tree - Prunus Serrulata

This ornamental cherry is one of the best types of flowering trees for seaside gardens. They can grow to a hight of 12 m. In exposed seaside gardens they won't reach that hight though.

The foliage has a bronze color in the spring and turns green in the summer. The beautiful pink flowers emerge in the spring before the leaves start to grow.

Flowering Cherry trees tolerate a wide range of soils. Just make sure that the ground is well drained. Choose a sunny spot. This tree makes a great center piece and specimen tree.

Whitebeam - Sorbus aria 'Lutescens' or 'Majestica'

Whitebeams are flowering ornamental trees with silvery grey foliage. The white flowers emerge in the spring and are followed by orange-red berries in late summer and autumn. The berries provide great food for wild birds in your garden.

Sorbus aria can reach a hight of 12 m. This is an easy tree to grow if you provide a well-drained spot. It tolerates a wide range of conditions from full sun to shade. These spring flowering trees are drought tolerant and are able to deal with seaside exposure very well. A great seaside tree.

Photo: chemazgz

Swedish Whitebeam - Sorbus intermedia

The Swedish Whitebeam is also a good seaside tree. The dark green, shiny leaves are deeply lobed and silvery underneath. This ornamental tree has white flowers followed by rounded red berries.

This medium-sized tree can reach a hight of 10-12 m. Swedish Whitebeams are very tolerant of different soil conditions except wet or waterlogged soils.This tree on our list of flowering trees is very wind-resistant, drought-tolerant and frost hardy. A great choice for any garden.

Photo: Bernt Rostad

Crinodendron hookerianum - Chinese Lantern Tree, Chile Lantern Tree

This half-hardy tree is suitable for mild seaside areas. This evergreen small tree produces red lantern-shaped flowers in during late spring and early summer.

These types of flowering trees prefer a moist, slightly acidic soil in sun to part-shade.This unusual tree can grow to a hight of 8 m. The dark green leaves show off the bright red flowers very well. An eye-catcher on our list of flowering trees and well suitable for mild seaside gardens.

Photo: e_cathedra

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